Contact US: Harbor Freight Tools or Horror Fright Ghouls Tool Time
Latest "Contact US" jew tubevideo exposing the Martian jew Mafia and the complete takeover of the United States turning AmeriKKKa into a jewish KKK communist country. Once you understand and accept the fact that we Human Gentiles are living with a "Super Martian Race" and learn how to read their cyphered messages__truth about the invasion and takeover become very apparent.

In this history making video NASA Lewis PhD Wayne Manzo and host of "Contact us" reveals a very strange association with the cheap tool giant "Harbor Freight Tools" and the very strange jewish holiday called "Hello Wayne" witch is about the invasion of the Martian jew Mafia and what happens when the jews expose the stoopid Human Gentiles to the Martian race and Martian agenda.

The real meaning of Martian jew Mafia actor and former governor Ronald Reagan's famouse United jew Nations speech is obvious when you understand the language of the jewish Mafia and how they cypher the truth . So, when Reagan says "What if an alien race has invaded" he really is saying that that the state of KKK California has allowed the Martian jew Mafia to take it over and assimilate all the citizens in favor of a super Telepathic race and that America and the world become assimilated into the jew nation or be slaves of the jews!
Wayne E. Manzo PhD was "Switched at Birth" in jew Teaneck NJ by the Martian jew Mafia and was manipulated from scooping icecream for Nazi jew Bischoff's to earning a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Madonna Technological Univeristy in Houghton MI( Operation North Woods) and then to KKK jew North Carolina State and then to Martian jew Mafia KKK NASA Lewis Research Center in Cleveland OH by Timetraveling D'Jinn US Army Col KKK Kurtz Weden( SS Weden ) and after a year at Lewis Manzo was attacked, poisoned, tortured, and warned that he cannot live or work in America because he is not Martian jew Mafia( Telepathic, Collective, Mind Controlling, Psycho Savages).

The jews at Lewis would not pay PhD Manzo any money starting him out as a GS 7 nor would they provide relocation or housing assistance forcing him to seek shelter at__a homeless shelter as per jew law and because the employment opportunity was actually a Martian jew Mafia KKK trap!

Fired in 1988 he fled back to Northern NJ to find he was surrounded by Evil Martian jew Mafia__you can't go home again! He was Tortured and Incarcerated after filing EEOC and Fed Cases__then chased out of NJ on an Odyssey of Homelessness and Despair in Martian jew owned America.
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